Beijing Secret Garden Genting Resort

Hornberger + Worstell’s Master Plan and Main Village, a 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics venue in the Dama Mountains east of Beijing, are designed to create an environmentally sensitive all-seasons “secret garden,” a respite from urban Beijing and environs. 

The site was chosen for its pristine natural beauty and diversity of landscape settings within a 100 square kilometer nature reserve, its proximity to Beijing, and for the cultural significance of Prince’s Village and the Secret Garden.  Dragon Valley winds five-kilometers upland from Prince’s Village blending with five tributary valleys that create a sequence of natural place-making settings for resort development.

Project components include eight Resort Hotels offering 2,680 two- to five-star guestrooms; Branded Spa Residences; 580 Condominiums; Retail, Dining and Entertainment; Skiing and Skier Services; Tennis and Golf Centers; Meeting and Conference Facilities; a Multi-Purpose Exhibition Hall and Theme Park; Traditional Chinese Market; a Wellness Center; and year-round recreational activities.

The first phase of Master Plan implementation, the 3rd Valley Main Village, is innovative in its higher-density horizontal and vertical integration of supporting uses that serve the full community of visitors.  The building forms and materials of the overall development have been shaped by historical Chinese building typologies and iconic forms, and by contemporary alpine design precedents.  Buildings are arranged as organic clusters of structures with connecting terraces and stepped, native stone walls.

3rd Valley (Zhangjaikou) Resort Co., Ltd.
Chongli, Zhangjaikou, Heibei Province, China
Burton Miller
Site Area
Master Plan: 49.83 hectares / 123.00 acres
Phase 1: 11.65 hectares / 28.78 acres
Building Area
Master Plan: 472,000 square meters / 5,080,500 square feet
Phase 1: 120,446 square meters / 1,296,450 square feet
Associate Architect
China Electronics Engineering Design Institute (CEEDI)