Genting Resort Secret Garden

Hornberger + Worstell’s master plan and design of the Genting Resort Secret Garden creates an environmentally sensitive, year-round recreation destination, and a home for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Providing a diversity of activities, the project site includes a ski village, an 18 hole golf course, a tennis center, a traditional Chinese market, a family entertainment zone, spa and wellness facilities, and multiple two-, three-, four-, and five-star hotels and branded condominiums. The resort features integrated pathways, plazas, and landscaped spaces encouraging a connection with the outdoors. These carefully designed and sited spaces provide opportunities for relaxation and recreation with ample views of the surrounding landscape.

The mixture of highly integrated buildings and uses, thoughtfully designed and sited within the mountain valley, defines and sets the Beijing Secret Garden above its regional competition. The buildings that make up the master plan are shaped by contemporary mountain design precedents from around the world. As in traditional Chinese architecture in mountain environments, buildings are arranged as an organic cluster of structures with connected outdoor terraces and stepped, native stone retaining walls.

5th Valley Tourism Destination Co. Ltd.
Chongli County, Heibei Province, China
Burton Miller
Steven Chan
Area (Building)
5,000,000 square feet
Area (Site)
Associate Architect
China Electronics Engineering Design Institute (CEEDI)